How To Treat Toothache Naturally Quickly

How To Treat Toothache Naturally Quickly - Although small, the sick teeth can be very disturbing comfort in the move. Do not just grimace or even cry, immediately do the way to relieve a powerful toothache.

Toothache can be caused by various things. And the pain was not only on the teeth, but also can be felt up to the gums. How to relieve toothache should not only use drugs sold in drug stores.

There are several ways that are easy and you can get in the kitchen. Ranging from spices to cooking spices.

Here's how to heal toothache quickly
Here are some ways to relieve toothache by using natural ingredients that you can find in the kitchen.

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Rinsed with Salt Water
The first way we use to cure toothache is to rinse with salt water. Mix one glass of water with half a teaspoon of salt, then gargle for a few seconds, then discard.

To be able to clean food that sticks in a sore tooth, you can also use dental floss (dental floss).

Clove Oil
This type of spice can also be used as a way to relieve toothache. The trick is to attach clove oil to the affected tooth by using a cotton ball and then bite to stay in the sick place.

You can buy clove oil in health food stores and pharmacies. But, you can also make it yourself at home. How to mix 10 stalks of cloves with olive oil into a 30 ml glass bottle.

Then let stand for about two weeks In the clove oil there are eugenol chemicals that act as antibacterial and anesthetic. Thus, this clove oil is believed to relieve toothache.

Compress by Using Ice
Before the effects of your toothache medication start working to relieve toothache, you can use an ice pack. The trick is to coat the ice cubes with a towel, then paste into the cheek you are close to the tooth that is sick.

Chew on Garlic
How to relieve toothache next is to use garlic. The trick is to peel one garlic clove first, then cut or halve. Then, place on the tooth which sick or chew the garlic.

In addition to using some of the above ingredients, how to relieve other toothache can be done by putting a bag of warm tea bags to the diseased teeth.

It is also recommended to regularly clean the teeth so that no bacteria will accumulate and make the teeth worse.

Do not let the toothache interfere with your activity. Immediately do some ways to relieve toothache above if you have not been able to consult a doctor or have not bought drugs.

If your toothache gets worse, consult your dentist immediately.
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