15 Ways to Treat Quick and Easy Headache

How To Treat Headaches - Have you ever had a headache? Or just now you experience it? The headache is actually a systemic disorder of the nerves that are strained.

The appearance of headaches can be caused by many factors, ranging from late eating to severe stress conditions.

Headaches are classified as a non-serious health disorder, but will become more serious if you do not handle them as soon as possible.

To get rid of the headache is actually very easy, but now there are still many people who prefer the consumption of aspirin, than to handle it without drugs.

And if you know better, consumption of aspirin in large numbers will be very bad for the health of kidney organs. Chemical content in the headache medication can damage the kidney nephron.

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Kinds of Headaches

Before overcoming the headache, it would be nice if you know the kind or type of headache.

Basically headaches can be differentiated into several kinds, such as migraine headaches, prolonged headaches, back pain, vertigo headaches, and stress.

Knowing the type of headache is very important for you who want to overcome the headache with drugs. Because medicines are usually specially formulated only to remove certain types of headache.

However, for how to deal with headaches naturally, you do not need to perform treatment according to the type of headache.

Well for those of you who are currently experiencing dizzy from the effects of health problems, here I present several ways to treat headaches quickly and easily that you can practice directly.

A Quick Way to Eliminate Headaches Without Drugs

1. Use ice cubes
Did you know that ice cubes are really efficacious for relieving severe headaches? Ice cubes have a very cold nature, the content of this cold nature that can overcome your headaches quickly.

To remove the headache with ice cubes is very easy, just by rubbing the ice cubes slowly on the forehead, the side of the head, and if necessary on the back of the head.

2. Consumption of lots of water
Our body is basically over 70% composed of fluids. So the consumption of fluids every day is very important for the body, one of them is able to optimize the metabolic system.

As I have reported from a study at the University of Chicago in the United States, the consumption of water at least 8-10 glasses will help a person prevent dehydration, which is where dehydration is one of the triggers of headaches.

3. Consumption of potatoes
Potatoes are foods that contain high enough potassium. There are many benefits of potassium content for the health of the body, one of which launched the circulatory system.

If the blood circulation in the body becomes smooth, then automatically headache can easily be solved. Therefore, eliminating headaches with potatoes is very good.

Try to eat potatoes without peeling the skin, because the highest potassium content is found on the skin. Also avoid frying, simply burned or boiled only.

4. Consumption of bananas
Bananas contain high potassium and magnesium compounds. Both of these compounds are what experts believe is very good for relieving migraine headaches.

Therefore, if you experience headache next to overcome by eating bananas regularly every day.

5. Consumption of foods containing mint
Headaches can appear one of them caused by ulcer and late to eat food. To treat headaches due to this ulcer is quite different from other types of headaches. Because if you take the wrong drug, your ulcer will get worse.

The solution You can eat foods that contain mint sneyawa. The sign that the food contains mint is tasting semriwing and fresh.

6. Coffee consumption
Haa coffee? Probably most of us would find it strange to get rid of headaches with coffee consumption. But believe in disbelief, this is how to treat a headache that is quite effective.

According to experts, coffee contains a fairly high caffeine compound. the content of caffeine compounds is believed to calm the nervous system that strains from the headache.

But do not you consume excessive amount of coffee, because it will make you difficult to sleep or have insomnia. My suggestion enough consumption maximum 2 glasses a day only.

7. Use sesame seeds
Sesame seed is very famous for vitamin E content in it. vitamin E content is able to overcome migraine headaches that you suffer.

Not only does it eliminate migraines, but the high magnesium content of the food is also good for relieving back pain.

In addition to eating sesame seeds, you can also get magnesium intake from other natural ingredients, such as olive oil, wheat, sweet potatoes, and much more.

8. Consumption of more fish

Fish is one source of omega 3 fats are high enough, there are many benefits of fat content. Starting from improving brain intelligence, prevent brain cancer, to eliminate headaches due to nervous tension.

Actually almost all types of fish is good you consume, but my advice is salmon and mackerel consumption only. Because of the many types of fish, only salmon and mackerel that contains natural minerals high omega 3 compounds.

9. Overcome with watermelon
Did you know the true benefits of watermelons? Fresh fruit and rich in water is found to contain potassium compounds are high enough.

In addition to potassium beneficial to the circulatory system, the content is also very effective for treating headaches.

You can eliminate the headache with the consumption of red and yellow watermelon.

But more more multiply the consumption at the base of the flesh of watermelon fruit. Because in that part that contains high enough potassium.

Here's how to treat headaches that I often do. without the aid of drugs, without the aid of natural ingredients, and without the help of others.

Simply by lying down and putting your feet above for 1 hour, your headache will disappear very easily.

After I searched here and there, it is true that way is very effective to overcome the headache.

Because by placing the foot above the head (when lying down), blood from the bottom of the blood will go and fill in the brain.

As a result the blood will become smoother and headaches can disappear very easily.

13. Avoid stress and depression
Stress is a condition of one's discomfort caused by the many pressures of life problems. Starting from the problem of romance to the problem of work. From this stress you will be more at risk of headaches.

Therefore, I strongly recommend for those of you who want to avoid headaches, try not to be in a stressful condition.

But if you have a headache, please overcome the stress with traveling with family, vent problems to friends, and much more.

14. Do not see the light is too bright
Bright light is very bad for the condition of your headache, because the light is too bright will cause the nerves more tense and stiff. Even light that is too bright will also cause vision impairment of your eyes.

Try when you experience headaches to avoid bright lights like sunlight, light motorcycles, cars, flashlights, and much more. It would be better if you are always in a dark place.

15. Not doing excessive physical activity
Physical activity is good enough for the health of the body, but if the excessive physical activity will be a boomerang for our body.

Because basically the body takes a break from the physical activity, so if forced will cause the emergence of problems, one of which is a headache.

Therefore, how to treat this last headache I suggest you limit excessive physical activity. especially activities that require maximal muscle performance.

Those are some ways of eliminating headaches that I can present on this occasion. In order for you to get maximum results, I suggest to do a series of tips above on a regular basis every day.

In addition to doing tips to overcome the above headaches, I also recommend you always keep your immune system by applying a healthy lifestyle. Because without the support of healthy lifestyle, all the above tips will not have any impact on you.

Such is the presentation of information that I can convey. If anything is unclear please ask a question through the comment field below yes. Hope can be useful and be a solution for you.

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